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Technical analysis

Page 1 - Kampfringen defense

Page 2 - Arte dell'Abbracciare unarmed defense sequence #1

Page 3 - Arte dell'Abbracciare unarmed defense sequence #2

Page 4 - Arte della Daga unarmed defense sequence against the thrusting dagger

Page 5 - Variations on a theme: twenty versions of the "back lever" throw from diverse historical sources

Page 6 - Passchen's Ringbuch, part 1

Welcome to  HEMA. This site is dedicated to the almost-lost arts of unarmed combat, dagger fighting and close-quarters sword combat as they were practiced throughout Europe centuries ago.

Over the past ten years there has been an explosion of interest in reviving the ancient European martial arts.  Many written and illustrated records of the fighting arts of Europe, especially during the Medieval and Renaissance periods, have now become freely available via the Internet.  Groups and individuals all over the world are working together to translate and interpret their lessons.

Consistently, what has been discovered represents a rich and sophisticated tradition, equal in all respects to the classical Asian martial arts. Just as modern practitioners look back with respect upon the ko-ryu (ancient schools) of Bujutsu, so too may they draw inspiration from the Masters of old Europe.

There are already many sites on the Web dedicated primarily to historical fencing and swordplay, but relatively few devoted to the arts of close-range and unarmed combat. Thus, the HEMA site is intended to provide:

- introductory information about historical European combat grappling and dagger systems

- links to online copies and translations of the old fighting manuals

- practical applications of the historical techniques, adapted for realistic self-defense and NHB-style competition

- links to related organisations and resources

HEMA is apolitical in nature, and hopes to foster respect, enthusiasm and camaraderie among all researchers and practitioners.

We hope you enjoy your stay!